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Pure Power Products Foam Roller Review

Pure Power Products Foam Roller Review

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A few months back, I started to notice a strange phenomenon in the gym. People appeared to be rolling around in strange positions in the stretching area on top of a variety of weird looking cylinders.

Upon further investigation, I found out that this strange ritual that people were performing at the gym was known as ‘foam rolling’ and the reason behind it is self-myofascial release, a fancy word for self-massage. Foam rollers are used to release muscle tightness performed after exercise. Until recently, this practise was only really carried out by professional athletes but increasingly they can be seen in the stretching corner of gyms up and down the country.

I was recently sent one by Pure Power Products so I was able to see what all the fuss was about. My local gym has a variety of foam rollers so I was able to test the pure power roller against similar products. Pure Power also provided me with a handy e-book how to use guide so I could look like I knew what I was doing!

First Impressions

At first sight, the Pure Power roller is a sleek, hollow design. The fact that it is hollow is probably why it is surprisingly light. The roller has a 100% lifetime guarantee and it’s easy to see why this is the case – it feels extremely sturdy due to the solid plastic internal core.

The foam on the roller is pretty firm whilst also retaining a degree of softness. The impressions on the roller are labelled as ‘Three Dimensional Prime Grid Technology’ which work to target those sore areas.

Comparison to other rollers

Without a doubt this roller looks more forgiving than some of the rollers at my local gym. The most extreme looking roller looked like some sort of booby trap out of an Indiana Jones movie with what appeared to be a solid cylinder of inch long solid spikes!

However there was another roller that looked similar to the cylindrical floats you used to play with in your local swimming pool as a child…

I tried both of these rollers out – well, when I say I tried the Indiana Jones booby trap roller I mean I rolled on it for all of about 3 seconds! This roller was way too hard for me and considering it was a roller, the really spiky design meant that it didn’t actually seem to roll across the floor particularly well.

The second roller was not painful enough! The fact that it was made entirely out of foam and with no spikes meant that I didn’t really feel like the roller was massaging my muscles all that much and I had to really press my weight onto it to get the desired effect.

With the Pure Power roller it felt like a happy medium was reached. The rolling action across the floor is incredibly smooth and enabled a fluid movement which helped work the full range of my leg. I often find myself running on concrete which gives me tight calves and quads and this range of movement allowed me to move the roller freely up and down my entire calf or quad and sore areas. The firmness of the foam meant that I could feel a decent level of pain without it being completely excruciating.


For me, this roller felt like the ideal point between too hard and too soft, too spiky and not spiky enough. The thing I liked most about this roller though was how well it rolled across the floor and the smooth movement allowed me to move the roller up my muscle easily in one movement.

I must admit I was not convinced at first that rolling on a cylinder would do me much good but I can honestly say I felt the benefits. The tightness I experience after going for a run or a workout was definitely relieved somewhat after a good 8-10 minutes on the roller.

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