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7 People You Don’t Want to Meet When Travelling

7 People You Don’t Want to Meet When Travelling

I know this post seems rather bah humbug and not in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, however it is still only November! Tune back in during December though and I promise to have more joyful posts all about the festive period.

So where were we?

I can’t think of a better feeling than setting off on holiday. Bags are packed, passport is looked out and you’re about to board a flight to your destination of choice. You’re all smiles, even if it’s 5am and you’re still half asleep, you’re just happy to be getting away for a few days.

Whilst our happiness levels are sometimes at an all time high whilst on holiday, we can’t help but get slightly antsy when around certain people…

1. The bratty kid – This one had to make the top of the list for me as I was recently on a flight where a child who couldn’t have been any older than 6 was screaming, shouting and kicking his mum’s suitcase over. He was shouting all sorts of grown up nasty words and his mother’s way of approaching the situation was just about as immature as her child’s. I knew in that moment, with my luck, he’d be sitting right behind me on the flight. I walked on-board and couldn’t help but laugh to myself when I approached the row I’d be sat on. At this stage, my odds had increased from 1 in 200 to 1 in 3. Was I going to be sat in seat D, E or F? I glanced down at my boarding pass and of course, I was in seat F. Four seat-kicking hours later, it’s safe to say I was happier than ever to be landing.

Annoying kids on flights

2. The over-sharer – I don’t mind this kind of person at all actually. Being a bit of an over-talking, over-sharing person myself, I usually welcome them with open arms. There’s a time and a place though – and a 7am flight is neither the time, nor the place

Talking too much

3. The personal space stealer – A newspaper that spills over your seat. An arm rest designed for two that somehow becomes designed for one. A shoulder-resting sleeper. Need I say more?

Personal Space

4. The wannabe model – Laying on a rock by the sea, channelling their inner Beyonce whilst some poor guy is taking a million photos from every angle.

Posing on rock

5. The queue-skipper – Not understanding queue etiquette is a pet hate whether I’m at home or abroad. There are some lines you just don’t cross. And I mean this in both the literal and figurative sense.  


6. The overly in love couple – I’m not anti-romance and I’m happy for people who are in love. Holding hands and sharing the odd peck is totally acceptable. There’s always that one couple though that take it way beyond that.


7. The stroller – Ever been stuck walking behind someone and they’re walking so slow, it feels like you’re going backwards? On holiday, we love to take life in our stride, stroll through the park or along the beach. At other times though, we need to pick up the pace – we’re running late for something (we’re only human after all) and this is of course when ‘the stroller’ makes their debut appearance.

busy street

Are there any other types of people that you’ve crossed paths with whilst travelling and wished that you hadn’t? Or are you perhaps guilty of any of the above? If you don’t know what kind of traveller you are and would like to find out, check out 15 Different Types of Travellers – Which One Are You? 

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