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New Year’s Fitness Resolution

New Year’s Fitness Resolution

New Year’s Fitness Resolution

A big hello to 2017! Another year, another resolution to get healthy!

I don’t know what resolutions you made in 2016 or how you fared in keeping to them, but every year my resolution always includes ‘get fitter’. My motivation to stick to this usually ebbs and flows, with exercise peaks just before summer holidays or any occasion in which I would be wearing tight fitting dresses. Like most people, my healthy eating and exercise routine waned over the (very) festive period. But there’s nothing like overdoing it to make you actually crave getting back on that fitness bandwagon.

To give myself that extra bit of fitness motivation, I’ve looked into some of the newest fitness trends coming our way in 2017.

HIIT water workouts

Aqua aerobics has been around for a while, and although I’m aware of the benefits of it as a form of exercise that doesn’t put any strain on your joints, I’ve never tried it as it just doesn’t seem like it will be a good enough workout. Well, in 2017 water aerobics is going to get intense! It is being given the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) treatment by some gyms, and the workouts can involve lengths, sprints, aqua jogging (!) and high-intensity aerobics. The people behind Insanity workouts have even developed their own HIIT aqua aerobic classes, called Swimsanity. That sounds like a reason enough to give it a go to me.

Mindful exercise

If 2016 was all about mindfulness, 2017 will be about mindful exercising. For those that are into yoga, this will be nothing new. But for everyone else, this means that a little bit of self-awareness will be creeping into your workout. This could be through combined workouts that couple boxing with yoga, yoga classes conducted by candlelight or classes that end with time spent appreciating and reflecting on what you’ve achieved. If you’ve managed to drag yourself to the gym, spending a few minutes congratulating yourself is okay in my book.

Surfs up

Remember those vibrating plate machines that appeared one day in gyms up and down the country, were the subject of much hype, and then proceeded to stand there unused? Yeah? Well, they are about to be replaced by something else. The next big thing is boards, think surf boards, which you do your normal yoga, stretches, squat type exercises on. Hmm, I think they’ll be gathering dust in a gym near you soon.

Surf board fitness

Heart monitoring

If you now can’t leave the house without your Fitbit, then the next stage of fitness monitoring will be for you. Gyms are creating whole workouts around getting you into your ultimate “heart-rate zone”, the metabolism boosting zone where your body burns fat best. You simply strap yourself up to heart rate monitors and be prepared to feel the burn.


I don’t know how many of these fitness trends I will actually try in 2017, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on my health kick.

Are there any fitness trends in 2017 that you are going to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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