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Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein & Protein Smoothie Review

Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein & Protein Smoothie Review

I’ve discussed the topic of protein before in a previous blog post and recently Multi Power Protein sent me over a batch of their 100% pure whey protein as well as a few of their protein smoothies to try. They were also kind enough to send me a range of different flavours to try that included; banana & mango, French vanilla, coffee caramel and raspberry & blueberry.

Having tried a variety of similar protein shake products, I was interested to sample the Multipower protein products and see how they measured up compared to other brands. I shared some of this around my gym going friends to get their thoughts too and here are some of their thoughts on the flavour, texture and how well the powder mixed.


Sarah: Banana & Mango flavour

Multipower banana mango

“I was initially sceptical that it wouldn’t taste nice but was surprised at how good it was. I also felt no need to snack for an hour after the shake. It was also easy enough to mix into water – even without a shaker.”


Christina: coffee caramel flavour

Multpower coffee caramel

“I found this protein to be quite different from others that I have used in the past – in a good way! To begin with, it is one of the few protein mixtures that I’ve been able to drink with water. Normally, I take them with milk as they tend to not be so enjoyable with water. However, the Multipower Whey is actually enjoyable with water! This is a big selling point for me. I’ve found my metabolism has increased since using this, as I’ve lost some weight yet not altered my diet. I’ve also found it helps with recovery and I’m not feeling as sore the next morning after a workout. Tasty and effective – certainly worth a try! 5 stars!”


Will: French vanilla flavour

Multipower Vanilla

“Overall an extremely enjoyable shake and definitely one which should be considered as an alternative to other brands. Mixing with milk, the french vanilla has the potential to come across as extremely sweet if you go over the recommendation, however if you follow the guidelines it tastes amazing. After drinking, I didn’t feel sick or bloated as I normally do with other shakes, most likely to following the guidelines on how much to add to milk. I think that it would probably taste ok with water but I would recommend drinking with milk. It mixes really well with no lumps or clusters of power left over. Overall, a really enjoyable shake which would be great after the gym or as a meal replacement”


Andrew: strawberry & blueberry protein smoothie

multipower smoothie

“The protein smoothies were better than I was expecting based on previous experiences with similar products. The flavour and consistency were both good and it wasn’t as powdery as these kinds of drinks can often be. Also surprising was the low sugar content – much lower than typical smoothie drinks. The protein content also stacks up well to other comparable products on the market at 26g for 330ml.”


My verdict:
I tried all of the flavours for the 100% whey protein as well as the protein smoothie and I was quite impressed overall. I had initially been quite sceptical of the flavours as they are quite odd combinations but each flavour was actually surprisingly nice!

As has been mentioned by the others, I found that the powder mixed really well and was equally as tasty in either milk or water. However, the main positive for me was the consistency of the shake meant that I did not feel bloated or sick afterwards whereas I have experienced this with a variety of other products.

I thought the protein smoothie was also great and what was most surprising about it for me was the low sugar content which is normally prevalent in similar products. However, in terms of value for money I would generally use a protein powder rather than buying packs of individual protein smoothies.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the full range of Multipower products, visit their website.

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