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Insanity Workout Review – Do you Have to be Insane?

Insanity Workout Review – Do you Have to be Insane?

Insanity workout – two words for you… insane, workout. I started doing this workout when I was in Australia – in my bedroom in Melbourne and then in a shared dorm in Cairns (yes, doing it with the risk of people walking in is probably more insane than the workout itself!) Luckily I’d developed a friendship with my room mates so they were never too surprised or bothered by walking in and hearing the instructor Shaun yell ‘dig deeper’, ‘push’, ‘get up and go’.

Insanity workout

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The insanity workout is now number 1 in America and it’s famous for it’s 60 day insanity challenge. There are photos plastered all over the internet of the results – from flab to fit. Most of these photos look unbelievable – as in, they look fake. Or at least that’s what I originally thought.

I tried the DVD hoping that it wasn’t going to be a lie like some of the many products you see advertised on TV – mainly on the channels you accidentally find yourself on when you switch the TV on.  The forced smile which shows an enormous amount of teeth as they over-enthusiastically state ‘I used to have X amount of spots and after using X product, I can now leave the house with more confidence’. It’s my understanding that the only thing they’ll be leaving the house with is probably more money after getting paid for doing the advert.

After my initial speculation, and trying the workout, I can entirely understand how those people got those results. Granted, I’m not one of their success stories and I’m probably still the same shape/weight as I was before but I wasn’t doing it as often as I could have. If I wanted to see significant results, doing the fitness DVD more often definitely would have helped me. It might not necessarily have been the ultimate cure but certainly, that combined with healthy eating and some other varied exercise would have been the step in the right direction.

The exercises are high intensity, so much so, that there’s probably not a moment to let yourself realise that you’re hating it or that you’re in pain. If you get yourself into it, it’s quite addictive. Plus, there’s an array of people in the DVD doing exactly what you’re doing – maybe it’s psychological but seeing them working really hard and occasionally struggling kind of gives you that support you’re after sometimes. It’s like they’re with you in person, struggling beside you. The nice thing to see in this DVD as well is that these people doing the exercises in the background are quite clearly actually doing them, as opposed to when you see five women in the background without a drop of sweat and a smile on their face. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that’s real life.

All in all, I would give the insanity workout DVD an 8/10 and if you’re into high intensity workouts, I’d definitely recommend you try it.


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