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Horse riding trails in Scotland

Horse riding trails in Scotland

Horse riding trails in Scotland

If you have a love for horse riding, or maybe have children who has a passion for it, then you’ll be able to find plenty of great places where you can go horse riding in Scotland. Why not consider going on some of the great trails we have here. Many trails are great for advanced riders and allow them to gallop through the over grown fields or canter on the beach, but if you are just considering giving it a try there are some places that are able to cater to your needs as a new rider and help you to become more comfortable while riding in  the outdoors.

Wilder Ways

The first place we have is Wilder Ways in Argyll. This riding adventure allows you to explore their tracks which vary from the towering mountain trail to the quiet and tranquil meadow walk.. These trails are supposed to be able to challenge even the most experienced riders and can give you the opportunity to sleep under the stars with a horse at your side. Wilder Ways has a suitable amount of experienced guides who can take you up the trails or if you really want you could bring your own horse along for the adventure of a life time.

Newtonmore Riding Centre

If your just more into trying out a trail and aren’t really for sleeping under the stars then Newtmore riding centre might just be the place for you. This riding centre takes you out on a trail that allows you to view the scenery and not worry about the skill involved. You are also able to choose the time you spend on the trail as if you are a beginner you may be prone to slight pain as you won’t be used to the feeling. The time you can spend out varies from an hour to a full day, meaning you can experience riding for the amount of time you want.

Tomintoul Riding Centre

If you are wanting to look at the scenery and ride through fields then Tomintoul riding centre is perfect for that. Tomintoul allows you ride in large open spaces in a peaceful part of the highlands and a ride lasts 5-6 hours. A ride consists of visiting a medieval castle and the home of Gordon of Glenbucket who was a main figure in the Jacobite rebellions. Though this trail is for more advanced riders who are able to ride more demanding terrain and have basic skills like trot and canter.

Blair Castle Trekking Centre

If you are more interested in the history side of things than looking at the countryside scenery then Blair Castle Trekking Centre might just be the right place to go. The centre allows you to travel through hills and explore the forest track all while discovering the history of the castle and its grounds as you go. This trail is naturally tailored for all riders and is open during April to August.

If you have been to any of these places or are considering going make sure to let me know in the comments below.

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