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Fit Body Boot Camp Review, Glasgow

Fit Body Boot Camp Review, Glasgow

Fit Body Boot CampWhen I first went in search of a decent fitness class to join, I wasn’t sure what to go for. There were so many options available but being money conscious and fresh out of uni (let’s face it, the two go hand in hand), my options were instantly limited.

I decided to keep a look out for various deals and one day, voila, there it was – a month’s membership to Fit Body Boot Camp. The one off payment allowed the membership holder to attend unlimited classes which meant going as little or as often as you liked. So if you were looking to capitalise on the ‘boot camp‘ phenomenon and get intense with your exercise, then this was entirely possible. If on the other hand, like me, you just wanted to attend a few classes a week to keep up your fitness levels then this was also possible.

Attending the class alone was slightly daunting at first but I found the instructors to be extremely warm and friendly – and pleasantly upbeat. Laughing and exercising is an unusual mix – sort of like chalk and cheese – and yet, somehow I found it happening time and time again. I didn’t feel that it was forced either. Sure it’s their job to instruct the class but it’s not their job to put a smile on your face. It’s a nice added incentive though to get you to go and it certainly makes the gruelling process of working out slightly less tedious.

As Fit Body Boot Camp says on their website:

At Glasgow Fit Body Boot Camp we don’t believe in screaming in your face and barking out orders – This is not your average boot camp. We believe in fitness through motivation, inspiration and challenging your body every time.

This definitely sums it up nicely. I’ve tried other boot camps and been shouted at for folding my arms. Okay, I get the concept – it’s about being tough with yourself but at the same time, if I wanted to get yelled at, I’d go home and get yelled at from my parents for not tidying my room.

Now, I know the main purpose of going to an exercise class is to get fit. But does Fit Body Boot Camp do the trick?

In my opinion, it most certainly does!

No two classes are the same. One day you may be doing a 30 minute burpee challenge (god forbid), the next session you may be doing circuits and another session you may be focusing on legs.

After the first class I ever attended, I had to go and lie down on the bathroom floor as I was literally, well, floored. Having attended more classes and increased the frequency that I attended them, I can honestly say that my fitness levels improved significantly. I was able to start staying for more than one session in a row and I was starting to really feel good about myself.

No review would be complete without a rating – so, to conclude, I’d highly recommend this class. I’d give it a solid 8.5/10.

4 thoughts on “Fit Body Boot Camp Review, Glasgow

  1. Sarah Kelly

    I was expecting to read this and say “good for you but I’m too much of a wimp for boot camp” but I was pleasantly surprised!

    I can’t be motivated by being shouted at, it just makes me freak out a little so the idea of a ‘fun’ boot camp sounds excellent and really progressive! Might try it out myself 🙂


    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Sarah, I’d definitely recommend checking it out. There are often some good deals going if you’re not prepared to break the bank. One of my friends is actually going there at the moment and she’s really enjoying it! Let me know if you decide to try it!

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Cat, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you agree. It definitely makes getting fit a fun process. Short intense sessions with definite results! Have you tried many other boot camps? How did you feel they compared?

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