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FIFA Inspired Infographic – Is Football the Most Popular Sport?

FIFA Inspired Infographic – Is Football the Most Popular Sport?

So it’s that time again… FIFA World Cup. Where have these last four years gone? If you’re a female reading this and you’re currently in a relationship then I don’t need to warn you that you probably won’t see your other half for a solid month but hey I’m sure when the tables are turned he’ll wait patiently while you watch your favourite sport of… err, what sport do we ladies like to watch? Dancing on ice!? Is that a sport?

It’s all kicking off though in the world of FIFA – opening ceremony has well, opened, and the bets are in. Who’s going to win? Brazil? Germany? Maybe Spain?

It’s the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world – at the last FIFA World Cup, over three quarters of a million litres of beer were sold in stadiums – 750,000 litres! You could fill 30% of an Olympic sized swimming pool with that amount. Not to mention the 390,600 hot dogs that were sold. Assuming these were ‘foot longs’ – if you lined them up, that would be a 73 mile stretch of one hot dog after the other. A stomach-wrenching and ever so slightly, disturbing thought!

Beer and hot dogs aside, it made me wonder… what is the most popular sport in the world? This specially created infographic shows that football is indeed as popular as it seems – 73% of the 15 countries selected chose football as one of their favourite sports. Amongst these are Australia, France, Brazil, Croatia, Spain, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

It’s also interesting to see that 33% of countries chose basketball as one of their favourite sports, whilst 27% chose cricket.

What’s your favourite sport? Let me know in the comments!

FIFA infographic: looking at popular sports by country

(This infographic was based on 15 selected countries and the research was gathered from various sources e.g. Wikipedia, government sites, and so on. The top three most popular sports were then selected and from this information, the statistics were formed).

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4 thoughts on “FIFA Inspired Infographic – Is Football the Most Popular Sport?

  1. Neve

    I enjoyed this light reading- however for a fitness/ travel blog you are really patronising ( what sport do ladies like to watch) i love football- am a female and have another half who is male and highly dislikes football. more females than you assume love the game. likewise, women who keep fit dont all do so at the gym- we like to play sports too 🙂

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve only just started blogging so I appreciate your feedback 🙂 Apologies for coming across as patronising, that wasn’t my intention. I’m trying to keep the tone of the blog a bit light hearted. I understand though that girls watch football and play sports to keep fit. I’m one of those girls too! Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully you’ll enjoy my future posts!

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi Kenneth, you’re absolutely right, apologies! Unfortunately I had to keep the list of countries fairly minimal as I didn’t want the infographic to end up looking too busy. I’ll try to include Canada next time I create a list like this though. Are you from Canada? What would you say are the most popular sports there?

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