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Brits Opt for Health on Holidays

Brits Opt for Health on Holidays

Over a third (39%) of Brits heading abroad this year will exercise on their holiday, according to new research by tailor-made holiday experts Club Med.

The study, commissioned to look into the exercise habits of holidaying Brits, reveals that we’re increasingly a nation of fitness fanatics, with almost half (44%) of Brits more likely to work out on holiday than they would have done five years ago.

The top motivating workout factor is being able to indulge in holiday food guilt-free, with over a quarter (27%) stating this as the motivation to exercise on holiday.

Almost one-in-five (16%) of Brits want to discover sports and activities not available to them in the UK, with a tenth (11%) using holidays as an opportunity to get fit with friends and family. Social media also plays a part with 11% of people citing social media and celeb inspiration as the drive behind burning calories abroad.

The study reveals men are more motivated by how they look in swimwear than women on holiday, with 28% of men exercising in order to look slim in their swimwear – compared to just 18% of women.

A quarter (24%) of people are most likely to work out on a family holiday compared to just 16% of people who work out when away with a group of friends. A fifth (19%) want to stay fit for their other half, by working out when away together.

Despite increased demand for fitness abroad, less than a fifth of people (19%) rate gym equipment in their resort as ‘important’ or ‘very important,’ with over two -thirds (36%) more willing to work out abroad if the gym equipment was in the sun, and a fifth (20%) more likely to work out if they could get a tan at the same time.

Activities such as outdoor Zumba, and beach jogging classes, are increasingly popular in Club Med resorts as people strive to work out in the sunshine.  Cross-tannerIn response to overwhelming consumer demand for improved activities and equipment in-resort Club Med has announced its plans for a revolutionary piece of holiday gym equipment, dubbed the Cross-Tanner. Influenced by both a sun lounger and Cross-Trainer, the Cross-Tanner offers the perfect combination of sun, sea and exercise.

Travel and fitness blogger Monica Stott, from The Travel Hack, commented: “Working out makes me feel great about myself and there’s no way I want that to stop when I go on holiday. As part of my blog I’m always getting people ask how to maintain their healthy lifestyle when away, my recommendation is to keep your routine going as much as possible. But whereas the hotel gym used to be a dark, dingy basement that people avoided, the rising trend of working out on holiday means gyms abroad are back in fashion and nicer than ever – and now you’re able to work out next to the pool there’s nothing to stop you keeping fit on holiday!”

Estelle Giraudeau, Club Med Managing Director, commented: “We’re committed to keeping up with customer demand which is why we’re excited about the development of the Cross-Tanner machine – our solution to Brits who want to stay fit without forsaking their suntan. With holiday fitness scene exploding over the last few years, Brits in our resorts are increasingly demanding more varied fitness activities. We’ve already doubled the size of our gym in Punta Cana, as well as doubling the number of yoga classes at our Bali resort, and announced new gym routines in the Dominican Republic, including CrossFit.”


  1. Swimming
  2. Hiking
  3. Hotel gym equipment (e.g. Cross Trainer)
  4. Tennis
  5. Scuba/snorkeling
  6. Yoga
  7. Team sports
  8. Golf
  9. Horse riding
  10. Skiing

*New study created exclusively for Club Med by One Poll, polled 2,000 people who had been on holiday in the last three years

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