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Basking In Brighton

Basking In Brighton

Basking In Brighton

Brighton can be classed as a happier, sunnier version of London – maybe even London’s chilled out sister? It is a city bursting with life with a constant stream of holiday goers wanting to get a dose of this unique place. Joining the bandwagon, I wanted an escape from the hustle and bustle of the London life this summer and so I did a mini trip to this seaside attraction. I had heard so much about this city and all its individual quirks, that I knew I needed to experience Brighton for myself along with a list of things I wanted to see.

Starting with, of course, the Brighton Pier. Passing multiple standalone stores and boutiques on the walk down to the water, my friend and I realised we had chosen one of the hottest days to stroll this sunny city… and one of the busiest it would seem. Sidestepping and strategically moving our way through the throng of slow walkers we made it to the pier. Hearing music played as the carousel twirled and the crash of the waves going back and forth, it truly was a beautiful view. Especially with the price of a ticket being £7 (which would be the price of a 40-minute journey in Scotland) for an hour-long journey from London it was an absolute bargain.

The Brighton Lanes were next on this list and boy are they a maze of wonderment as you’re travelled back in time to the 18th century, taking in the narrow alleyways and vintage stores as you manoeuvre your way through. Prior to the trip we had done some research which created a goal for us to find Dum Dums Donutterie. Which after a couple of wrong turns and multiple google map checks, we accomplished our goal. If you have a sweet tooth then you need to go there, it was like being a child again going into a pick and mix shop. All wide eyed and filled with indecisiveness as we investigated the a selection of cronuts (croissant and doughnuts combined) and regular doughnuts before us. Settling on a Nutella cronut whilst my friend chose the Eton Mess one, we sat and tried this bizarre new cake trend – wow. It was just amazing but my only complaint would be, much like Krispy Kreme, it is relatively pricey for one donut.

Finally, the last thing we did was check out the shopping centre which is just like your usual centre except for the wonderful and cheap store: Bershka. There sadly isn’t any Bershka’s in Scotland so I had to make the most of it, getting more items for the price of one purchase from Topshop. Sadly after the Bershka haul we had to go for our train with me realising that Brighton needs to be done over a few days not just the one. It has so much to offer as well as a high level of originality that you can’t find everywhere. There are even beautiful central Air bnb’s choices starting at £25 a night, if you didn’t want to pay the higher hotel prices.

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