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My name’s Emily and I’m a travel and fitness blogger, currently based in 1

Having grown up in the expat world and continued to travel on my own accord, I consider myself to be an experienced traveller.  When I was 19 and still at uni, I decided to do something useful with my summer so I spent my days getting myself TEFL qualified then ventured off to Thailand on my own and taught English as a foreign language. After this amazing experience I returned back to reality to continue my degree and following graduation I decided to venture off to Australia where I tried my luck at backpacking and had a variety of typical backpacker jobs – working in a hostel for accommodation, doing soul destroying call centre work, cafe work and finally, last but by no means least, I dived into banana farming. My job title was ‘stool counter’ – I kid you not! The Aussies didn’t quite seem to understand the significance of this but whilst it wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t what you think it was. Essentially I was counting and measuring trees. How many? Well, I worked out that we would have measured a minimum of 97,500 trees during our three month stint. Ouch!

Although I’ve been lucky to travel and see a lot of the world, there is still SO much more out there and I haven’t covered anywhere near even a quarter of it. Below is a map of countries I’ve visited – hopefully over time I’ll be able to add to this and will be able to share my experiences with you.

To give you a better glimpse into my life – when I’m not exercising, travelling or glued to my keyboard, I’m often found curled up on the couch with a glass of wine in my hand, watching trashy TV that nobody likes to admit they watch – you name it, I’ve probably seen it!

And aside from the obvious travelling and fitness, I’m passionate about a lot of things but I’m also definitely an ‘everything in moderation’ kind of girl! I don’t think it’s healthy to focus your energy on one particular thing, although maybe that’s just the excuse I keep telling myself because I’m actually far too indecisive to choose! Seriously, ask anyone – I struggle to pick food from a menu and deciding what clothes to wear each morning is like sitting an exam – my brain can’t cope. And don’t even get me started on picking a movie to watch – you may as well call it a night as three hours later I’ll still be swithering between The Shawshank Redemption and Crazy, Stupid, Love . Two brilliant films but who am I to choose between Morgan Freeman’s soothing voice and Ryan Gosling’s charm?


I’m Lynne, a self confessed fitness and travel junkie.

After graduating uni, and wanting to put off getting a “real” job, I decided to don my travelling sandals and hit the road, heading for the path most travelled – Australia. I too tried my hand at all the backpacker jobs Australia had to offer, although I never rose to the dizzying heights of Emily’s ‘stool counter’! A year later and 14lbs heavier – turns out drinking beer and goon all the time makes you put on weight – I ventured back to rainy Scotland. However I had awoken my travelling bug and real life was going to have to wait a little while longer. Trips to Thailand, South America and Central America ensued, and I although I have been have been to some amazing countries and had incredible experiences, I found that the more countries I visited, the bigger my “Places I Need to Visit” list became. I’m still not ready to admit defeat, and continue to tick off the places on my list, all the while adding to it, having some great adventures and meeting fantastic people along the way.

My other passion is fitness, and this grew from a need to balance out my love of eating and drinking everything in sight when travelling! Whether it is hitting the road for a run, getting my sweat on at the gym, getting lost on a hill or squeezing in whatever exercises I can in a tiny hotel room – if I’m out of breath and my muscles ache, I’m happy.

I’m delighted that Emily has asked me to be part of her blog and I look forward to sharing my latest exercise and travel adventures with you.


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