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20 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

20 of the Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks – with selfies on the rise, I can understand why. Miley Cirus, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are a few names that immediately spring to mind – Miley’s recent questionable half-naked selfies, Rihanna’s ongoing home-made photo shoots and Kim K’s belfie’s (butt selfies).

It’s of course a great way to share pictures, peek into the lives of celebrities and live vicariously through them. It’s also great for getting some fitspiration, or to find the hottest trends – triangl bikinis being the most recent one to dominate my news feed. I have to admit though, it’s worked its magic because with summer holidays on the mind, it’s not hard to convince me – or the rest of the female population it seems for that matter. It’s definitely going to be a priority purchase on my holiday list – right before sun cream and right after, well, let’s not lie – nothing.

Instagram is also a great place to view stunning pictures from all over the world. I follow several travel Instagram accounts and although they make me feel slightly envious (okay, very envious) they’re too irresistible not to look at. There’s a colossal amount of beauty in the world and so many photos have captured this so it’s great to be able to have these photos so readily available. Gone are the days of spending your time on Google images and typing in various random countries that spring to mind. Or was that just me!?

So, here are 20 of the best travel Instagram accounts that will not only get you in the mood for summer but simultaneously make you want to drop whatever it is that you’re currently doing and go and see the world. If you don’t already follow these people, then I highly recommend that you start doing so now, you won’t regret it!

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